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3dcart vs. other hosted shopping carts

3dcart is an Easy-to-Use, 100% customizable, complete e-commerce solution. While there are several other solutions in the market, 3dcart Shopping Cart Software SEO toolset is simply unmatched: SEO Friendly HTML URLs, Dynamic Meta Tags, Product and Category Index, Breadcrumb Navigation, Sitemap Generator and more.


Benefits of using 3dcart

  • Over 18 years providing eCommerce solutions.
  • Flexible plans with plenty of bandwidth and unlimited storage.
  • Easy to Use & Customize.
  • No Transaction Fees.
  • 24/7 Free Tech Support.
  • VISA PCI Certified Security.
3dcart Vs the Competition


With monthly fees starting at $1,000/month, Goecart is an eCommerce solution that delivers few features for its hefty price tag. Unless you opt for their $1,600/month plan, you won’t have access to essential tools like a POS system, API, or advanced inventory management.


Bigcommerce features a meager out-of-box offering, with no support for drop shipping, FTP, wait lists, or email. Moreover, you’ll be expected to dish out hundreds to thousands of dollars on basic features such as customer groups and abandoned cart tools.


Volusion is synonymous with hefty, unexpected fees, penalizing customers that find success in selling online. In addition to monthly service fees, Volusion merchants are charged PCI and cancellation fees, migration charges, and monthly email fees, to name a few.

Network Solutions

Marred by a difficult to use UI, Network Solutions omits essential features from their plans, forcing customers to purchase expensive add-ons.


CoreCommerce’s disorganized, hard-to-navigate interface will have you spending countless hours reading their support documents.

Big Cartel

In addition to restricting basic features to their higher-tiered plans, Big Cartel clients suffer from a major hindrance: stores don’t offer a search option.


Looking for simplicity? Then skip CubeCart, who requires store owners to host their domain and cart on their own web hosting.


With support only available Monday-Friday, EkmPowerShop clients are often forced to fend for themselves during peak hours.


ProductCart prices range from $995 - $2,990, with tech support and upgrades sold as add-ons for an additional $295.


ShopSite’s outdated themes and nonintuitive admin are among just a few of the many software complaints reported by their customers.


Outdated and unsupported technology, limited support, and a difficult to use UI have earned SiteCube negative reviews across the board.


High monthly fees, poor designs, and tech support that’s only available for a fee are among a few of 1Shoppingcart’s common complaints.


Actinic store owners frequently lament the platform’s cumbersome UI, unhelpful customer support, and basic features.


Lack of design options, product limitations, and the exclusion of basic features are just a couple of the complaints frequently heard from AShop customers.


At Shopvisible, merchants have a tough time increasing sales without access to a promotion manager or multi-channel support.


Unreliable hosting and poor customer service are a few of the issues that plague Vendio store owners.


Nexternal pricing is only available by quote for a reason: high costs for little substance.


Unless you use Forune3’s payment processor, you’ll be charged a 1% transaction fee.


Limited 6-days-a-week support and transaction fees are among a few of Zoovy’s common customer complaints.


Basic shopping cart for beginners that is not scalable


Unsafe platform that is lacking in features

Business Catalyst

Basic eCommerce solution with numerous limits


Barebones cart with limited features and outdated templates


A dedicated web hosting provider without a shopping cart platform

3dcart is the all-in-one eCommerce platform you need

Installation Setup
  • All-inclusive website, blog, and more
  • No need to understand programming
  • Images scaled automatically
  • Free support, all day, every day
  • Domain transfer and registration included
  • Large selection of free store themes
  • Migrate your existing website
  • Import and export products in bulk
  • Take any form of payment
  • No graphic design knowledge necessary
  • Bulk image uploads available
  • Data import for products and customers

The most advanced marketing tools in eCommerce

Every facet of 3dcart's platform is built to give you an edge, including our complete set of free marketing tools. You'll have access to features that let you implement all the marketing strategies the pros use, like special promotional events, coupons and gift cards, an affiliate program, a loyalty program with reward points, and more. Reach customers with the proven method of timed, optimized emails to build relationships and improve satisfaction.

Expand your audience further with 3dcart's advanced SEO tools, built right into the platform to make the technical aspects simple. Our social media integration lets you sell on Facebook, get pinned on Pinterest, and encourage customers to share your products with others.

At 3dcart, we can confidently say we offer a more complete set of marketing and SEO tools out of the box than any other platform, and they're built to help you make your mark.

Store Design

Beautiful storefronts from professional designers

It's not easy to convert a visitor into a shopper, especially today. Internet users only give a website about 5 seconds to make an impression on them before they decide to leave and look somewhere else.

But with 3dcart, you have a selection of attractive and compelling responsive themes that let you create a website built to convert - no programming necessary. No matter what "look" your brand requires, you'll find it in 3dcart's vast theme selection: just pick a design that works for your products and industry, and off you go.

Need further customizations to make your brand really shine? You'll have full access to the HTML and CSS used in your online store's design, giving you complete creative control over every pixel on every page. Make changes directly in your browser or do it through FTP, and enjoy absolute freedom of design.

Go a step further and add great features like a gorgeous Homepage Carousel, Recently Viewed Items, Quick View for products, and the Single Page Checkout that online shoppers love. Plus much, much more.


All the data at your fingertips

3dcart's in-depth reporting features allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, so you can learn what to improve, and what works best.

Access detailed reports generated from the data automatically gathered and compiled by the 3dcart platform. In your Online Store Manager, you'll find reports relating to:

  • Business
  • Customers
  • Inventory
  • Marketing
  • Payment & Shipping
  • Products
  • Sales
  • Statistics

As a 3dcart store owner, you’ll always have the data you need to understand where your business is thriving, and learn what you can do better.


Full-featured product management system

3dcart makes store and product management easy with our intuitive web-based Online Store Manager. Log in from anywhere to create, edit, and manage your products however is needed, and organize them in as many categories as the situation requires.

You'll be equipped with a robust selection of features and tools built to make selling online easy — and fun, too. Upsell and cross-sell to boost sales, implement waiting lists for new products, let customers create shareable wish lists, and encourage interaction with product reviews and Q∓As. Sell physical products, digital downloads, or both.

Build attention-grabbing product pages with multiple images, dynamic zoom, and video. Selling products with lots of variants like color or size? Include them all with 3dcart's unlimited Product Options feature!

At 3dcart, we're always watching out for the next vital eCommerce feature so we can make it available to you right in your Online Store Manager.


Fast and easy order processing

Dealing with customer orders is easy with 3dcart. Quickly process, print, edit, and update customer orders from your easy-to-use Online Store Manager. Print shipping labels, process returns, take phone orders, and create customer groups for customized pricing levels.

Want to expand via dropshipping and reach the next level? 3dcart's built-in dropshipping feature makes setup easy. Smooth your operations out further by using our QuickBooks integration, which lets you instantly and automatically synchronize all your 3dcart orders and inventory with QuickBooks desktop.

From the smallest startup to the largest enterprise, 3dcart's order management system is designed to help you grow and hit all your targets. Built-in advanced reporting keeps you apprised of successful strategies, while other powerful tools like FraudWatch and eBay and Amazon Order Integration keep your online store on the cutting edge.


A full set of tools for fast and easy shipping

As a 3dcart store owner, you'll have access to a complete set of shipping features to help you get orders out the door without difficulty.

Connect your store to major shipping carriers through 3dcart's powerful integrations. Keep customers informed of shipping costs with real-time rates from carriers like USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL and Canada Post, for no extra charge.

If flat-rate shipping is right for your business, you can set it up quickly with 3dcart. Offer rates based on order weight, item quantity, ZIP code, or total order value. 3dcart makes it easy to customize your shipping for your exact business needs.

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